COMPEF 2011: The Community Comes Together To Collaborate


COMPEF 2011 was held on Oct 22, 2011. The City of Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman, the Fire Chief, For Our City Founder Jon MacHatton and Marcus Coleman from FEMA made openning remarks. This was followed by the Table-Top Exercise conducted by Mike Reichling, Kristen Schalau and Pastor Sanghoon Yoo. About 20 organizations participated in the Table-top Exercise which simulated, with the help of a real life incident, how the organizations would respond to fire in the community. The organizations present put forth how they will respond and what assistance they will provide.


In addition to this, training workshops were organized for Animal Disaster Response and HURT (personal 72 hours preparedness). There was also a Blood Drive (by Red Cross) and Food and Clothes Drives going on at the same time. About 70 people attended the event from the community and about 37 gave blood.



Mayor's Speech and Panel Discussion on COMPEF


September is National Preparedness month and The Faithful City, in collaboration with the City of Tempe is working hard to raise awareness in the community about emergency preparedness. On Sep 9th (Friday), City of Tempe, Mayor Hugh Hallman will visit the City in the Desert Metro - Church to talk about the Community Preparedness Exercise and Fair (COMPEF).


This will be followed by a panel discussion on how COMPEF can become a model to reach out to the people in this city during times of need. In addition, there will be discussion on the White House Collge Campus Challenge, that has been initiated by President Barack Obama and in which ASU is taking part. Also present will be Amy Golden from ASU Strategic Innitiatives and Ben Sanders from Community Ministries.


When: Sep 9, 2011 (Friday) at 7:00 PM


Where: City in the Desert Metro - Church


Contact: Pastor Sanghoon Yoo ( or 480-703-6993



Tempe H.U.R.T.


Holistic Urgent Recovery Teams are formed with the "For Our City" movement initiated by Mayor Hugh Hallman (City of Tempe) and Chaplain Jon McHatton (Arizona Legislatures and CARE Inc.) It is in collaboration between the faith community and the muncipal leaders to equip the city with emergency preparedness training and network development. Pastor Yoo serves Tempe H.U.R.T. as Director.


City of Tempe, Mayor Hugh Hallman first presented the HURT proclaimation in 2008 at a gathering in City Hall to Pastor Sanghoon Yoo and Chaplain Jon MacHatton from CARE INC. This proclaimation was a way for the Mayor to show his passion for the cause of emergency preparedness. Also present were Fire and Police Chiefs. This year, the Proclaimation for HURT and COMPEF will be held on September 8th at the Tempe City Hall.


The next HURT Facilitators training is scheduled to be held on September 10, 2011 at the Monti's Banquet Room.




Community Preparedness Exercise and Fair (Oct 22, 2011)


The Faithful City along with several Community Organizations will execute a Community Preparedness Exercise to emphasize the need for being Emergency ready in the event of a disaster.  The event will be inaugurated with remarks from Mayor Hugh Hallman, Police Chief Tom Ryff and Pastor Sanghoon Yoo. Other partners in this movement will also be present to provide their inputs.


This event will be held at Grace Community Church, Temp on Oct 22 from 10:00AM to 2:00PM. The exercise will be accompanied by a Blood drive from Red Cross and a Food and Clothing drive from Tempe Community Action Agency. Currently monthly planning meetings are being held by the partners in this movement on a monthly basis. For more information on Community Preparedness visit   


Contact: Pastor Sanghoon Yoo
Ph: 480-703-6993   



COMPEF Network was activated to help out at a Mobile Home Park

On Saturday, July 2, 2011 a fire broke out at a Mobile Home Park in Tempe. Fire and Police departments rushed to put out the fire and salvage the property. The fire broke out in the Manager's Mobile Home, which also housed the electricity grid for the entire Mobile Park. Due to the fire, the entire community was left without electricity on the hottest day of the year. COMPEF network was set in motion by the Mike Reichling from the Fire department who contacted Pastor Sanghoon Yoo.


The Faithful City delivered several cases of water to the people stranded without electricity. There were also preparations underway to house the people in case the power could not be restored. But fortunately, power was restored and people were able to return to their houses within a few hours.


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